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Responsive Web Design

Over 60% of internet users use a mobile device to access the web. Responsive web design provides users with a fantastic experience across any device. The end result is better user experience, better SEO, better traffic.

A responsive website automatically optimises itself to best suit the device it's being viewed on. For example, this could include rearranging the design, navigation, images and call to actions when the website is viewed on a mobile device when compared to a desktop device. An example of this in action can be seen below.

responsive-example.jpg (1)

If your website doesn't adapt to your visitors different devices, they will struggle to use your site to view your products or understand your services. This may result in them becoming fustrated and going back to the search engines to find a company with better presentation.

Responsive web design ensures your customers are delivered a perfect user experience no matter their device shape or size.

All our websites are responsive, and therefore mobile-friendly. It is vital that your website is too. In terms of SEO, Google clearly recognises the importance of responsive websites and significantly promotes those that pass their mobile-friendly test.

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