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Social Advertising

We have extensive experience creating and managing social advertising campaigns across all social networks, including Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn & Instagram.

Social media advertising is quickly becoming the most powerful digital advertising medium on the web. The £6.4 billion market is rich with opportunities for all businesses, whether B2C or B2B. You can reach incredibly niche audiences, with specific, targeted content, meaning high conversion rates for great value.

Social media networks have recently made big changes regarding what is shown in news feeds - in particular penalizing organic traffic. Only Social PPC will guarantee your campaigns are shown to potential customers. Our consultants can help build and execute an advertising plan to navigate this constantly changing industry.

Facebook Advertising

Audience Analysis

With thousands of possible advertising targeting parameters, we can place your adverts in front of very specific and engaged users. Comprehensive audience targeting is the cornerstone of any successful digital advertising campaign. From the use of remarketing to tap into your existing client base, to building custom audiences from the ground up using layered targeting options, we can tailor your campaign to unique audiences highly relevant to you.

Advert Creatives

Users expect a compelling, visually appealing reason to engage with a brand's ad. Our creative team of designers, copy-writers and developers will build high performing, A/B tested adverts to drive engagement, sales or leads.

Campaign Management

We aim to deliver the most out of your campaign through on-going management and reporting. We use a suite of tools to provide live bid & budget optimisations, perform regular rotations of ad copies and provide easy to understand end-of-campaign reporting.

Need assistance building your campaign? Contact us today to see how we can leverage the power of social media advertising for your business.

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