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White Papers

 As part of your content marketing strategy, it may be worthwhile to create white papers. White papers are known to be able to:

  • Generate leads as they are an educative form of content typically used in direct marketing material which tends to have a high conversion rate. The learning and persuasion combination of white papers helps them to be a powerful marketing tool.
  • Spread expertise and build your brand image due to the lack of promotional material used. They typically include company information and enables you to display your credentials and expertise in the field you’re in 
  • Build a mailing list as you can use a white paper as a free download in exchange for a consumer’s email address. This is an incredibly useful tool for any marketer.

Perceptive Flow’s talented copywriting team create white papers tailored to any brand on any topic. Our team of journalists are trained in niche fields and are likely to know all about what you do.

We work with our clients to fully understand their needs and ensure all the correct information is incorporated in to the white paper correctly. Our white papers are always interesting, creative and engaging for the reader whilst still being on topic. 

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