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Marketing Strategy

To build a digital marketing campaign, a defined effective digital marketing strategy is a must. We build content marketing plans and campaigns tailored to your brand and audience, focused on driving sales, leads and engagement.

Who is your audience?

Creating content which will resonate strongly with your audience requires a high understanding of your target demographic. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. We tailor our effective digital marketing strategy to your niche right from the research stage. Using research and audience analysis tools, we are able to develop a content plan that will result in engaging users by looking at:

  • Content your audience are likely to engage with
  • Popular interests & trends
  • What technology is used to consume content
  • Where strong performing content is often distributed
  • Who are the influencers in your niche


What are your goals?

Before you begin any marketing campaign, we need to set defined goals to ensure high value return-on-investment. Furthermore we always ask "how will this campaign support your wider business objectives". Our common marketing goals can be found below, along with the associated metrics:

GoalsAssociated Metrics
Sales · Monthly Sales · Online Sales · Offline Sales · Quarterly Targets Achieved
Lead Generation · Form Submissions · Email Signups · Conversion Rates
Engagement · Engagement Rates · Comments · Likes · Retweets · Shares · Downloads
Brand Awareness · Reach · Website Traffic · Page Views

What Content?

To get your brand heard through the noise of the internet, churning out a slap-dash blog post now and again will not suffice. Our creation stage begins by generating ideas for unique and highly shareable content that your customers will love, based on the above research. Content marketing must be looked at as a long-term strategy. This is why much of the material we produce is 'evergreen'.

Evergreen Content: Content that will always be considered up-to-date and interesting to your customers - generating returns long after the initial content marketing campaign has launched.


Amplification & Distribution

As the competition for digital traffic increases, marketers need to adopt new strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Building relationships with key industry influencers through outreach will get your brand and content amplified in the right networks. Paid amplification, for example social media advertising, might be required to improve your visibility and reach.

Whatever your niche, we will build a marketing strategy geared precisely towards your goals and audience to achieve the best possible results.

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