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Creating social competitions is an excellent way to grow your fan base and basic enter-to-win contests with low barriers to entry often provide the highest ROI and are usually the best for newbies on the social media scene. They allow you to engage and create deeper connections with your audience. Creating social competitions also enable you to gain rich data from your audience as people are more likely to share information when there is the possibility of winning a prize. Additionally, the buzz of conversations around the competition on social platforms are great at giving you an idea what customers think of your brand and how they interact with it. Plus, by creating social competitions you are creating free extra marketing for your brand as hundreds of people are likely to share your content in the hope of winning.

At Perceptive Flow we have the capability to create and run the perfect type of competition that is tailored to your brand and audience. We work with you to decide on the correct way to interact with your audience, the best channels to use and the overall aims you hope to achieve by creating social competitions. We will then track the interaction rate throughout the competition as well as the conversations surrounding it, identifying themes and general sentiments which are beneficial for future marketing use. 

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