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Everything about the Haydale brand is future thinking. This pioneering company, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange last year, has a patent-pending scaleable plasma process to functionalise graphene and other nanomaterials. These “next generation” advanced materials could soon be integrated into products the commercial and consumer world use on a daily basis.

Haydale needed a website which truly represented their new status as a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, a company that is functionalising materials for widespread use in the future.

A company that has a bright future. Their brief was to design and develop a website to provide easily accessible information to all interested parties, from students, scientists, journalists and investors, whilst satisfying their legal responsibilities as a traded company. The site needed to be able to support the future growth of the company and be as easy to navigate on mobile devices as it is on a desktop computer.


A corporate website that has strong brand identity incorporating the elements of the brand on all design assets throughout the site. The website incorporates a number of different users journeys to cater for each of the potential visitor personas (listed above) and includes an ‘investor centre’ which collates all the documentation an investor would like to see as well as a showing a live feed of the Haydale share price (LSE:HAYD).

The website functionality also included a login area for journalists so that they could easily obtain PR ready material, artwork and assets that they might need to comment on Haydale in the media. Finally, in order to ensure that all visitors are kept up to date with the latest Haydale news we created a ‘floating footer’, which presented social media channels and events information at all times to anyone visiting any page on the website.


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