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Blue Jelly


Blue Jelly are a highly creative company. They are at the leading edge of their industry providing state of the art workspaces for their clients. The problem for Blue Jelly was their website was starting to look tired and did not reflect this.

Blue Jelly were keen to change this so that their creativity shone through from the first contact prospective clients had with them through their website.

Working with Wildfire Marketing we were briefed to build them a new responsive website experience. 


A modern and highly visual website that pushed any distraction to one side, including the navigation which is tidily hidden from view until it is required. A time-lapse video was created for the home page which shows office space getting constructed over time interspersed with client case studies.

Blue Jelly as a fun and creative organisation and they want to make sure this shone through by creating fun interactive team page.

Also included part of the design are highly visual case study pages and gallery pages where they can really show of their work.

The new website is a step change from their previous incarnation and has been well received by staff, clients and new prospects alike.


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