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Mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by 2016; the ubiquity of mobile phones, improvements in infrastructure and devices is fueling an annual growth rate of 39%.

Smartphone usage has become an integral part of most British people’s lives. Businesses that make mobile a central part of their strategy will benefit from the opportunity to engage the new constantly connected consumer. However many businesses are struggling with how to achieve this.

Smartphone eCommerce

Photo Credit: Our Mobile Planet: UK by Google.

Earlier this year Google with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the leading global trade association for the mobile industry, launched the second of its annual reports into mobile consumer behaviour and penetration across 40 countries: 'Our Mobile Planet: Understanding the consumer'. Their online tool, Mobile Planet allows marketers to see usage statistics on the penetration, behaviour, activities, commerce and advertising associated with smartphone usage around the world.

So what does this powerful data reveal to businesses like yours about your mobile presence?

1) Smartphones help the mobile audience navigate the world

The science bit: 85% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone, most do it daily and 81% take action a result, such as making a purchase or visiting or contacting the business.

What does this mean for your mobile website? Appearing on smartphones is critical for local businesses. But more than this think about offering location-based services with clickable contact numbers and email addresses so people can reach you easily.

2) Smartphones have changed the way consumers shop

The science bit: Smartphones are critical shopping tools with 95% having researched a product or service on their device, 63% of whom go on to purchase across various channels, 31% via their phone. Those who don’t are concerned about security, complexity or poor payment options.
mobile commerce

Photo Credit: Our Mobile Planet: UK by Google.

What does this mean for your e-commerce site? Having a mobile optimized site is critical and a cross-channel strategy is needed to engage consumers across the multiple paths to purchase.

3) Smartphones help advertisers connect with consumers

The Science bit: Mobile advertisements are noticed by 84% of smartphone users. Smartphones are also a critical component of traditional advertising as 56% have performed a search on their smartphone after seeing an offline ad.

Mobile Advertising

Photo Credit: Our Mobile Planet: UK by Google.

What does this mean for your advertising strategy? Making mobile ads a part of an integrated marketing strategy can drive greater consumer engagement.

The Smartphone revolution is here but this is new ground and so there are still lots of unknowns. Innovate and experiment with your mobile strategy, there’s all to play for.

Got any tips – what works for you? Tell us below.

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