Twitter Vs Facebook: Hashtags & how they can aid marketers (Part 3)

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Continuing from last time, I mentioned how hashtags can be used to market and promote new albums of singers … To finish up the section, let’s go more in depth into this topic of online marketing.

Here are some main reasons why Hashtags are so useful today:


Many people began using hashtags as a means of looking “cool” to others – even before Facebook even supported them as a tool of communication. The things which people tweet often, are much more likely to spread online. Marketers can use this to their advantage – due to the fact that they will be able to tune into what little things people wish to talk about, whether on Twitter, or Facebook. They are then able to create content or communications revolving around what is “cool” and trending at that time – giving them more scope and audience.



If you have a business... You'll know that attempting to start a brand new, exciting campaign –with it's very own personal hashtag for it (which you invented) – to enable easy access to any comments / tweets etc made about it. It is also recommended to use a more common, widely used hashtag within this, if necessary. For instance: if you were doing a new design campaign about a web design company, it would be good to include the hashtag #webdesign – perhaps enhancing the amount of views to the post / tweet.



This may not be necessary for everyone – but for those which are creating content frequently - chances are, they wish to be heard, seen and reached out to. By using hashtags – companies, artists or celebrities are able to go huge within the online community… Even if the hashtags don’t allow you to get big - You could still get some follows or likes – which could help within the long-term success of what it is you’re trying to achieve.


… I know. Yes, We’ve all seen the annoying youth of today, who spend all their time online – tweeting and updating in a language of hashtags. People used them on Facebook long before they became any sort of function for the network. It was just a craze; an ongoing fashion of people using hashtags like they would use slang. Things are still the same today – by people writing sentences into hashtags like so:


It’s easy to communicate back via hashtags – but try not to overuse them... It looks tacky.

And so, to round up. This was a long journey, through the confusions of Hashtags… But it’s been fun, right?

Until Next time.

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