Twitter Vs Facebook: Hashtags & how they can aid marketers (Part 2)

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Which social network do Hashtags compliment the best?:

I think that most will agree that Twitter will always remain to have the upper hand where Hashtags are concerned… Simply due to the fact that the usage of hashtags existed within it, way before Facebook – and so therefore people are more accustomed to using it there.

­However, as mentioned a much older post of mine, referencing the % of social networking traffic in the UK (you can find this here) - it was found that 47.86% of network traffic was spent on Facebook, and only 2.96% on Twitter. Tumblr, which also makes use of hashtags, only had a mere 1.21% of the social networking traffic, making hashtags much less impactful within it.

facebook vs twitter network stats

Another factor going against Facebook with its use of hashtags, and hence making Twitter slightly more suited to it – is how twitter is mostly public (apart from the select few who make their tweets private), whereas Facebook is extremely secretive, due to the vast amount of privacy settings available to users – limiting most information to those within friend groups.

So, my point is, that Twitter is able to have access to huge chunks of conversations and messages – allowing trends to form openly. This cannot occur as naturally on Facebook, as developers cannot access much information freely.

However… Again – this could be seen as a positive for Facebook. One thing which tends to occur within tweets containing a hugely popular hashtag, is that they tend to get lost within the virtual space of the community – with hundreds of tweets coming through about the same thing, every second or minute of the day.

For example: Remember that photograph you were extremely proud of, that you took at that popular event? You thought you’d gain thousands of retweets – but unfortunately, you’d have to post that one tweet tons of times – to even gain a couple of Reponses. Uh-oh.

On Facebook, this issue will barely occur, if ever at all.

So… What next?:

I personally, haven’t seen a huge increase in the amount of people using hashtags within status updates on Facebook… But frequently use them within my tweets. I see the revolution of hashtags within Facebook coming, however… With popular singers / celebrities using them frequently to help market their new singles or albums to their fan base…

For example... Rihanna commonly uses hashtags on Facebook, to gain shares and popularity:

rihanna hashtag

This leads us onto the next point of hashtags which I’ll explain… How they aid marketers.

But. Enough for one day I think.

Until next time!


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