The virtues of ‘Piggyback’ Marketing - Ride the wave to customer engagement.

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Feeding your audience with both valuable and relevant content has become more important than ever in marketing today. Much of what we do is no longer aimed to directly sell a product, but wants to make someone laugh or make someone cry; begin or maintain an emotional relationship between brand and consumer that should trickle down to improved sales. With this in mind, lots of brands have caught on to the opportunity of Piggyback Marketing.

I'm personally rather fond of Piggyback marketing, as it's often where we can find examples great innovation and genuinely quick thinking.
Take, for example, Jeff Bezos’ announcement last year that Amazon had begun testing the use of ‘drones’ for delivering products to its customers;

The story in itself received a wide amount of press coverage from both sides of the pond, while also being a hot discussion topic on the various social media channels. Such coverage provides a great opportunity for rival brands to ‘piggyback’, if they can produce the appropriate content to do so effectively.

I give you ‘O.W.L.S’ by Waterstones

and ‘Drone 2 Home’ by Netflix;

I guess the lesson here is to not just keep a close eye on your competition, but also on what’s going on with wider current affairs, for piggyback marketing opportunities. More and more brands are becoming aware of the need for ‘real-time’ content; catching the crest of a wave and ‘piggybacking’ it all the way to great customer engagement.

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