The Top 18 Content Marketing Blogs You Must Be Reading

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Content marketing remains quite a mis-understood discipline, even though it has formed part of most businesses marketing strategies for the past few years.

So if you’re a marketing manager, where do you go for content ideas, inspiration and trends? We’ve compiled our list of our current favourite content marketing blogs on the web so you don’t have to. Think of us as your Content Marketing Google. You’re welcome.

Content Marketing Institute

The clue’s in the title right? The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has been around since 2007 and is the brainchild of Joe Pulizzi, a leading figure in content marketing. CMI are the authority on advancements in content marketing strategy, consulting and how to guidance. We’ve even been featured on the CMI site ourselves, chatting about Employee-Engaged Videos (shameless plug).


Hubspot is an inbound marketing software platform. So it’s no surprise really that they know their coconuts when it comes to inbound and content marketing guidance. Search for most content marketing topics on the web and the likelihood is that they’ll rank on the first page. They specialise in step by step guides and list style resources.

Copy Blogger

Copy Blogger’s strapline is ‘Content Marketing Mastery’. A bold claim that fortunately they live up to. They also practice what they preach with a really clean, easily navigable website. The writing style is also really conversational and relatable. Their Golden Rule of Online Marketing blog is an oldie but a goodie. The Golden Rule is - Give Something Valuable Away in Order to Sell Something Related.


Kissmetrics are a marketing analysis tool with a blog that chats about analytics, marketing and testing. Their Content Distribution blog is a particularly good reference point when launching new content marketing campaigns.

Convince and Convert

One of CMI’s top picks for strategic guidance, Convince and Convert’s blog is packed full of guidance on content marketing, customer experience and social media. Their Case Studies are also a really good starting point and cover many sector verticals.

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A slightly different beast from the other examples so far, is a user generated community pulling together marketers queries, articles and discussions. Their articles are upvoted and cover a wide range of topics from email personalisation to SEO. Their Filter By Topic feature helps you drill down into the area you’re most interested it. Content Marketing has almost 15,000 contributed articles, so maybe make a coffee first.


The social scheduling tool, Hootsuite, have an excellent blog that has really upped its game to compete with the likes of Hubspot in the past few years. It doesn’t just chat about their authority in social media either. They recently published a piece on Content Curation and Brand Advocacy Programmes.

Social Media Examiner

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Social Media Examiner call themselves the ‘world’s largest social media marketing resource’. Think of them as the CMI of the social media segment. This site is a one stop shop for the latest social media updates, tips and tricks. Their podcast is well worth a listen too, with their latest focusing on the recent Facebook Ad Changes.

Social Media Explorer

A very similar URL and a very similar offering. With the exception of the lack of safari artwork. This site really isn’t a poorer cousin to Examiner and has some really great insights in its own right. This piece on Reframing Content Marketing is a thought-provoking analysis.


A strategic consultancy, econsultancy provide a great resource of free templates and blogs on the latest digital marketing trends. Their stats and weekly updates are particularly handy to skim at the end of a busy week.


Cited as ‘the most comprehensive source of information on how to do business in the digital world’, eMarketer collates the latest industry features and content updates. A good insight into where big brand are at with their content marketing.

Marketing Insider Group

Marketing Insider Group are a consultancy firm with a kick-ass blog. Their Cheat Sheets for Digital Marketers piece is a particularly good curation.


A content platform in its own right, Contently has an excellent blog that focuses on strategy. Their piece on the Psychology of Viral Content will interest many who are looking to achieve such great heights with their content marketing campaigns.


Not sure about you, but I find Reddit quite overwhelming. It’s a smorgasbord of forums, discussions and ads and it can be very hard to find your place on it. Having said that, their Content Marketing posts often talk about guides, planning and strategy and the comments in them help bring them to life.

Harvard Business Review

Potentially high brow, yes I concede. However, HBR is a fantastic resource highlighting emerging trends, digital transformation and the future of marketing. Their excellent Emerging Markets piece this month talked about a recent McKinsey report and applied it to consumer marketing. A word of caution, you can read 4 articles a month for free, then you have to register to access up to 8 before paying to subscribe so read wisely.



Not strictly content marketing but a great business resource. GrowthHackers is a community of over 150,000 members who collaborate and grow together. Of which marketing and content marketing plays a significant part. The discussions can be a little overwhelming, so start with the Growth Stories or videos for inspiration before delving in. Their study on Slack is particularly interesting.

Mark Schaefer – Previously “Grow”

Grow is listed as number 17 in the CMI’s top content marketing blog list. They provide guidance on the ‘intersection of marketing, technology and humanity’. Like many marketing types Mark has recently written about the hyperbolic rise of Pokeman Go, but with some bigger emotive story telling tips at its heart.

Seth Godin

Seth is an American author, marketer and public speaker. You have probably seen many #WednesdyWisdom tweets quoting his name. His latest blog is entitled "You can not make a spoon that's better than a spoon", an Umberto Eco quote. His blog is part life philosophy, part digital transformation, part sales, part marketing. Well worth a read.

Perceptive Flow


We know we can’t compete with the above-mentioned publishing giants pushing our hundreds of blogs a month, but we try to cover a number of content marketing topics. Find out more about content marketing, what it means for you, and our latest related posts for you on our Services pages.

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