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What with the recent birth of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s first child – social media has been buzzing around it constantly. The Royal family broke their usual traditions, allowing the public to be up to date on the whole process of the pregnancy.

On Tuesday, BBC news tweeted that Twitter had announced the #RoyalBaby posts rose to 25,300 tweets per minute, after the announcement of birth.
bbc news tweet

BBC news' tweet about the #RoyalBaby.

It’s fascinating how quickly this number rose, considering that in April, people were only mentioning the #RoyalBaby around 107 times. In May, there were around 860 more mentions… But, shockingly, in June, through till July, the mentions rose from approximately 8,140 to a massive 956,190. Now, with the tweets coming in every second, it’s clear to see how much of an impact that one hashtag has had on the news escaping around the world about the baby:

Mentions on twitter #RoyalBaby

Mentions on twitter of the #RoyalBaby.
There have been over 15,464 retweets of the original tweet posted by Clarence House, announcing the Dutchess of Cambridge had given birth, with over 62% of all tweets made about the Royal Baby being positive (Source: Msn News). Around 38% were negative, or had some bad elements within them. There have been over 5,290 favourites of the official announcement of birth tweet. Within the first 20 minutes of that post being released, around 9,000 retweets were posted, before a sudden increase in the traffic on that one post.

ROYAL BABY CLARENCE HOUSE #RoyalBaby confirmation tweet by Clarence House.

Just to add to all the buzz that the official announcement of the baby created... Just David Cameron’s tweet congratulating the Royal family alone created over 2,802 retweets and 1,000 favourites.

david cameron's tweet

David Cameron's tweet of congratulations.

Twitter isn't the only social media platform to have had a buzz of results about the Royal baby, with over 430,264 people on Facebook liking the official announcement of the baby’s birth via the British Monarchy, and over 72,040 shares.

Facebook shares and likes

Facebook shares and likes of the Royal Baby news.

Obviously, statistics revolving around the Royal baby are ever changing, and more topics begin to trend, such as one which appeared yesterday on the web, about the “Kensington Palace”, explaining how Queen Elizabeth II, Auntie Pippa and Uncle Harry have all been meeting the newborn.

I suppose, there’s only one thing left for us to all talk about…

His name is George!

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