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The infographic below shows various different areas to social media, and it’s ever-growing traffic within the UK:

Mobile VS PC:

With the rise of mobile apps available today due to the vast amount of smartphones available on the market, the growth of specific social networks has increased dramatically. Instagram, which allows people to create online profiles, containing catalogued photographs of theirs, taken on their device – allows them to be accessed easily and clearly. Because of the site’s / app’s novelty of access and usage through various mobile devices, it had a YOY (Year-Over-Year) growth of +1,112% (Feb 2013).

On PC, Instagram has done even better, arguably because of its success rates from mobile usage. It’s YOY growth came in at +33,907, and its number of total unique users was also rather high at 4,893 (Feb 2013). Popular sites Tumblr and Pinterest had a slightly smaller, but steady rise in their YOY growth this year so far as well; Tumblr achieving +101% YOY growth, and Pinterest +717% all round.

Social Network Traffic in the UK:

Facebook accounted for 47.86% of all social networking traffic in the UK as of May 2012, and is still consistent today. Meanwhile, Tumblr and Yahoo Answers are on a much lower end of the scale, only being around 1.21%/1.26%.

Facebook and Youtube are also above social networks such as Twitter, which has achieved 2.68% UK average traffic, throughout a period of three years. Yahoo Answers, accounted for 0% of this duration… Appears to have lost some of its popularity over the years.

Age groups of people involved in social media:

The amount of different age groups being introduced to social media has dramatically increased over time, and it’s apparent that it’s not just the youth who are involved and engaged with social media in the present day. 49.5% of 18-24 year old’s are engaging with social media in some way, whilst 27.4% of people aged 55+ are equally as involved.

Social network traffic really is on the increase, as they become ever more integrated into everyday life for billions of people worldwide, as expressed by Facebook creator Zuckerberg himself, in this video on “What most schools don’t teach you” (Via:

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