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Last year Facebook launched a new feature known as Promoted Posts, allowing you to easily open your business to a larger number of potential clients. Promoting means the post will appear higher in your fans newsfeed and can even reach your fans friends if they engage with the story.

Facebook Promoted Posts Feature

Promoted Posts work differently to other Facebook advertising products; you are promoting a specific piece of content on your businesses page, such as a photo or a video. This has been proven to be a lot more effective and generate much more interaction with consumers than previous Facebook advertising methods such as their traditional ad campaigns. Since its launch last year over 7 million posts have been promoted and it is being strongly adopted by many small businesses as an effective marketing strategy in the world of social media.

It is very easy to promote a post from your Facebook page. Go to a recently created post on the page’s timeline and tap the ‘Promote’ button. The tool is very flexible allowing you to set a budget for the promotion and it even provides you with an estimation of the amount of users you will reach.

Did my Promoted Post work?

When your Promoted Post ends Facebook will send you statistics on how well your promotion fared, including information on clicks and impressions. This allows you to judge and assess the influence of your promotion. Promoted Posts are really worth looking into if you wish to promote your business using social media.

Learn more about promoted posts on Facebook.

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