How to Optimise Your SEM: SEO and Pay Per Click, Better Together

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising seem to have very little in common. Many webmasters consider the two strategies to be entirely separate and fail seeing the common points.

SEO and PPC can do miracles together. The two strategies will improve your search engine marketing efforts, as long as you know how to increase the benefits of one by using the other.

1. Keyword Frenzy

SEO and PPC have more in common than you will ever be able to imagine. Both strategies require meticulous keyword research in order to produce noticeable results. Thus, one can be used as a test before the other is launched.

PPC will demonstrate if the keywords chosen for the campaign are the right ones. Webmasters have to decide about the specific phrases to use for campaign targeting. Careful keyword selection will guarantee higher click through rate (CTR). If people are seeing the message that interests them, they will probably give your content a try.

SEO is very much about discovering the right niche and positioning the website there. Keyword selection is a primary factor in this success. The content should be targeted well and it needs to occupy a web segment that features little competition.

When it comes to keywords, SEO and PPC can be used interchangeably to test each other’s success. The behaviour of the online audience is a sufficient factor that can demonstrate the success of either campaign. 

2. Make PPC Your SEO Draft

Result-producing SEO is a time-consuming process. Failing to target the content properly signifies starting from the beginning. A weak start can lead to business problems and revenue minimization. Trial and error is certainly not a great option. PPC can be utilized as a test before SEO is launched. PPC campaigns are relatively inexpensive, which turns them in to the perfect experimental platform.

The selection of PPC keywords will let you know if people are looking for what you have to offer. The results of the campaign can be measured within days. These results will help you modify and perfect your SEO strategy before you have even started it.

3. SEO for Improved Advertising Results

The coin has two sides however. PPC can help SEO, however on the other hand, SEO can maximize the results of PPC. A good PPC campaign is more than getting people to click on the ad and to visit your page. It is about getting those visitors involved and exploring the content in depth.

This is where the landing page becomes important. The landing page is the first one that visitors see after clicking on your add. A well-optimized landing page will improve the results of the PPC campaign.

The selection of the right content, right keywords and functionalities will either make visitors jump to another page or leave the website. This small example shows how SEO (albeit for human consumption too) can help you increase the success of your marketing campaign.

PPC should be used to promote a new product, a service or something unique about your business. The only way to make the campaign professional and attractive is through the creation of an impeccable landing page. This means appropriate content for your visitor that search engines will love too!

4. The Ultimate Popularity Increase

Both PPC and SEO have one major goal – popularity increase. PPC is a paid form of promotion and SEO most often ranks as an organic marketing effort. Yet, both tools strive to achieve the same. Results obtained from these methods can be strengthened if SEO and PPC come in use together.

Combined website marketing efforts tend to produce a higher CTR, while minimizing the bounce rate and increasing the involvement of website visitors. Launching both SEO and PPC at the same time will strengthen the individual effects of each method.

Clearly, search engine marketing techniques work better when introduced together. SEO and PPC can be mutually-beneficial, though many people underestimate the power of PPC. Knowing what the connection is and how to make use of both tools will help you experience the positive results of marketing faster and over a longer period of time.

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