How Promoted Tweets improve your online marketing strategy

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The thing which most avid Twitter and Facebook users will know – is that promoted posts aren’t anything particularly new.

However... Apart from larger scale companies, not many know that they can really enhance your online social media marketing, in more ways than one.

Promoted Tweets are simply normal tweets with a boost:

They can be re-tweeted, favourited and replied to.

They are tweets which have been purchased by advertisers, aiming to reach and affect a much larger target audience than ordinary tweets can.

Promoted Tweet

Brand tweets tend to get lost in the crammed up world of twitter – especially if all their follower’s news feeds are full up with the updates of others. With a promoted tweet, however…  This problem won’t really occur.

When a user searches for a specific term, promoted tweets mentioning it in any way will always appear at the top of the feed, making it the very first thing people will see. 

promoted tweet by natwest

Although they are extremely similar to regular tweets, they do have a slight difference in the sense that they have to be shared organically to remain a promoted tweet. If the tweet isn’t mentioned, re-tweeted or  viewed regularly – Twitter will cancel usage of promotion for the tweet.

This brings us onto the next section…

Four Cons of using Promoted tweets for marketing purposes:

    • Twitter could discontinue it: Basically, if your brand hasn't got enough of a following to begin with, and you attempt using promoted tweets – chances are, they won’t last long on Twitter. For a brand to use promoted tweets, users will probably only want to respond, if it is from someone they actually wish to share excitement or communication with.  And as mentioned above, Twitter cancels promoted tweets if they don’t cause a stir.
    • They can be Annoying: Promoted tweets can annoy people a little too – if they are searching for something, and advertising keeps getting in the way of regular tweets they wished to find.
    • Needy Brand: They could make a brand look needy or like they are trying too hard. Some companies don’t need to promote themselves at all to gain attention and engagement.
    • People get used to promotion & advertising : The opposite to what I said about in the cons section, about how people may get annoyed with promoted tweets. At the same time, with others, people may become accustomed to advertising on Twitter. Just as we have learnt to tolerate and expect television and radio advertisements, the same could occur online.

And now onto Six Pros for using Promoted posts for marketing purposes:

    • An Increase in sales & revenue: Brands have the power to directly influence search results on Twitter – which can increase revenue, sales and popularity, when done effectively.
    • Engagement and communication: Because everyone who uses twitter will see brand’s promoted posts – it can really help in driving people towards the brand’s website, and so gaining clicks by users who may have not been following the brand to begin with. They may also encourage people to engage or tweet back to the brand.
    • People more likely to trust the brand: simply because promoted posts are only used by big brands that wish to grow and push further the company – making them look reliable.
    • More drive for in-store sales: In the Twitter-sponsored promoted tweets study found here by Datalogix – that for promoted tweets that were engaged with, there was a 12% average sales lift, out of the 35 brands they ran studies on. There was a 2% increase in sales for promoted tweets that were seen, but not engaged with. Either way, this is a huge boost for Twitter advertising methods.
    • They promote awareness: If a brand has an upcoming launch or event coming – promoted tweets are perfect for getting the word out there without people ignoring it.
    • Cannot be ignored: Because promoted tweets show up, at the top of the news feed – whether viewers like it or not!

So there you have it – Twitter’s Promoted posts can really help companies to market themselves, regardless of the few con’s there are.

Until next time.

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