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We're so excited... and we can no longer hide it.

Food, glorious food

Here at Perceptive Flow we are all obsessed with food and drink. From our weekly Graze box delivery, to our tea chart, and our Bake Off team building, we think about our next snacks and cuppas far more than it is healthy. So we decided to channel this energy in to something positive and less calorific.  

Over the past few months we've been compiling a series of resources for food, drink and hospitality companies. To act as a repository for this industry on the latest digital trends and developments in marketing for this fast-paced sector. Ultimately, as with all of our lovely clients, we want to help food and drink brands to gain brand exposure and get meaningful results from their marketing.

This new food & drink marketing portal will contain lots of tasty morsels on the food industry, including a trends report, an infographic on the evolution of technology in the kitchen and regular updates on our blog. 

The resources can be viewed and downloaded on our Food pages. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

Digital Salad

In the Spring we're also planning to launch our Digital Salad event series in London, to bring together food, drink and hospitality in-house marketing professionals in this industry to share best practice and start building a community. Keep an eye on our Digital Salad Twitter feed for the latest updates. 

Thanks for your support,

Mark and the team at Perceptive Flow

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