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Facebook’s advertising network gives you direct access to the biggest audience on the internet. If you haven’t yet considered Facebook advertising for your business, you are missing a trick.

These statistics show that 6% of all Facebook pages advertise on the network, with a 50% growth between 2015-2016. This rapid take-up rate indicates Facebook are onto something.

Many marketers who have trialled the ad platform, maybe even you, decided that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. This is simply not the case. However, if you haven’t yet perfected your campaign configurations and set-ups, I will agree that Facebook can quickly become a marketing budget sink-hole.

Therefore a strong understanding of the platform, its benefits, features, pros and cons is essential before you consider running a campaign.


Who Should Use Facebook Advertising?


Facebook is highly effective for B2C marketing as it is perceived as a casual social media network. This allows for very easy engagement with your target market through the comments section and page. But no one-size-fits-all approach works with digital marketing, and many spectacular opportunities often exist using Facebook advertising for B2B too. It all depends on your niche.

As a general rule of thumb, Facebook advertising for B2B requires stricter targeting to focus in on key decision makers in your industry. This could be done using email-list targeting or with layered targeting options. More of that to come…


Targeting & Testing

Facebook's advertising targeting options are super impressive. Master Facebook Ads targeting and your ads will get in front of very specific and engaged members of your audience, on a network where the average UK user spends a whopping 35 minutes of their day, every day.

How powerful is Facebook's targeting options I here you ask? Well, if I told you we could target a...

A 30 to 40 year old man living in the United Kingdom who speaks Italian with a Masters degree but is also a frequent traveller with an income ranging between £30,000 to £34,999 who owns and iPad and has an interest in our furry feline friends!

... would you be impressed? You should be and you can.


Don’t fancy this super granular targeting? Not a problem. You can also create custom audiences by securely uploading your database of customer email addresses and phone numbers. Facebook will then match this data to as many users as it can.

Is your customer database too small? Again, not a problem! Facebook has created a nifty feature called ‘ Lookalike Audiences’, allowing you to reach new people potentially interested in your business, based off clever, automatic audience analysis of your current customer database.

So clearly, many different and flexible options exist to narrow onto audience segments most likely to engage with your content. The best option will vary from niche to niche, and the more experience with the platform acquired, the more you’ll gain an intuition into the most profitable fit for you.


 A/B Testing & Campaign Structure

Unless you’ve run a multitude of Facebook ad campaigns, predicting what kind of advert will work best with your target demographic is almost impossible. Fortunately there is a solution. To solve this dilemma, we have a strategy known as A/B testing.

A/B Testing: Comparing two adverts side-by-side to see which one performs the best. The one that gives a better conversion rate and CPC will win, and the other is dropped or replaced.

To understand A/B testing of ads in Facebook’s ad manager, it’s best to know a little about the structure of a Facebook ad campaign. A Facebook ad campaign is split into three levels…

adcampaign.png (1)

Campaign: The outer-most structure of your advertising campaign. In the campaign level you define your objective to Facebook – for example, “drive traffic” or “boost engagement on a post”.

Ad Set: To each ad-set you can assign a target audience, bidding settings and schedule.

Ad: The bedrock of your advertising campaign, the ad itself! The ad contains your artwork, images, headlines, text, links or even video.
Each ad-set can contain multiple ads, and this is where A/B testing comes to play. For example, we can have an ad-set containing two almost identical ads, and then vary just the image. After each ad has gained a sufficient number of impressions, we can then take a look at Facebook’s reporting and KPI’s to decide which advert has performed best.


Real results with a Facebook Advertising Campaign

For one of our clients, we ran a six month digital marketing campaign which included a strong focus on Facebook and social advertising, including advert artwork and setup, audience analysis and A/B testing. This yielded:

  • 15,000 additional mailing list subscribers – a 50% increase
  • 34% sales growth on Christmas sales
  • 14% overall year sales growth
  • Christmas paid advertising alone reached 268,000 unique users

Facebook advertising increased sales, mailing list subscribers and offered a brilliant opportunity for brand exposure. The momentum of this campaign also continued to roll over post-campaign into the following year.

Facebook is relatively inexpensive for digital advertising and immensely powerful when it comes to targeting and reporting. We’ve built a wealth of experience, running a multitude of successful campaigns across many different industries.

If you’d like to tap into our experience to drive engagement, sales or leads for your business, contact us today about our social media and content marketing services.


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