Digital Transformation Part 3: Reviewing your 'digital-ness'

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Previously we have talked about why you need to undertake a Digital Transformation and we’ve given you examples of the catastrophic consequences for not adapting to the digital world around your business. In our latest blog we are going to take you through three stages of digital self-assessment. This will help you to take a more in depth look at how you are currently using digital, what skills your team have, or possibly lack, and what information you are already collecting on your customer behaviour. 

So grab a cuppa, pull up a chair and get your analytical glasses on.

"Digital Effectiveness Audit" - Where are you now?

We’ve all heard of a tax audit, where someone scary with a clip board comes to your business and roots around in your accounting files looking for holes and misdemeanours, well the same kind of investigation process can be applied to your company’s digital effectiveness. 

Start by looking at the digital assets your company is already using. Then ask yourself the following questions as initial prompts: 

Customer experience

  • Are leads generated via your websites automatically integrated with your customer management system? 
  • Do you track leads and referral traffic using Google Analytics or a lead tracking tool? 
  • Is your website mobile responsive? 
  • Is your website integrated with your social media activities, including empowering your colleagues to engage with your updates? 

Business operations 

  • Are you using an online secure storage solution to provide access to employees anytime, anywhere? 
  • Do you offer electronic payment methods for client invoicing to increase efficiency and cut down on paper storage and cost? 
  • What digital tools and messenger services are currently accessible to your team to make collaboration fast and easy? Here we use Slack but other tools are available to significantly cut down on email conversations internally. 

Really dig deep and look at how your company uses digital already. Think about any areas where digital isn’t being used by your team effectively and what impact this is having on your business output.

Skills assessment - Know who your advocates are

With millennials stealthily taking over the working world, armed with a healthy dose of ambition, a smart phone and a selfie stick (not to mention youthful skin and the ability to stand up from a chair without groaning), it is unlikely that you have a workforce that can’t switch on a computer. But it’s not just technical skills that your workforce needs to complete a successful Digital Transformation. 

The importance of soft skills is on the rise with many behavioural and attitudinal strengths such as adaptability and agility, collaboration and empathy, all making it onto the skills checklist. The most crucial strength however is the ability to articulate complex ideas to all people. So who on your team is willing to run into the arms of ‘change’ and then convince everyone else in plain English that ‘change’ is a good thing which should be embraced by all? Whoever these people are, make them your digital champions. These allies will help to embed a culture of digital at all levels of the organisation. 

All you need is love... and data 


Whenever a customer visits your website they leave a trail of crumbs behind leading you to all sorts of tasty bits of information about them. But are you simply throwing those crumbs to the birds, or are you hoovering up each tiny morsel and then inspecting it for business ‘nutritional’ goodness? Collecting customer data is vital for making sure that the user journey is optimised and will help keep your business evolving with the customers changing needs, and it can be collected relatively easily.

Although it’s great to be collecting data on customer behaviour, you need to have a goal and a purpose for collecting that data, otherwise you will just end up with a load of numbers that mean nothing to you. So what do you want to know? How long a customer spends looking around your site before they find what they want? Or how long it takes them to buy that item once they’ve put it in your basket? Or, is the more traditional demographic information more useful for you to understand who buys your products, or more crucially who doesn’t? Whatever your business goals, make sure you online presence is designed around enhancing them, rather than being seen as an add-on that must be done to keep up with the Jones'. 

Take the first step 

This is just the first step on what can sometimes appear to be a long road to the elusive ‘Digital Transformation’. For now, it’s time to take a step back and having a good look at what your company is doing digitally; how effective that digital process is, and what skills or information you need to keep your business moving forward. As we have demonstrated in our previous blog, those who fail to adapt will fail to survive in a digital world. With a greater understanding on where your strengths and weaknesses lie you can come up with a plan to prevent that from happening.

Looking for a helping hand? No problem. Get in touch and we’ll arrange a no obligation consultation of your business and how we can help you achieve your digital goals. 

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