Digital Transformation Part 1: An Introduction

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“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” 
- Leon C. Megginson paraphrasing Darwin’s The Origin of the Species

Over the last ten years the way that we shop and communicate with the world has changed beyond all recognition. We are now connected to each other 24/7. We can now shop for clothes or books at all hours of the day or night, whether we are at home or standing in the middle of a field. We can now publicly support or criticise brands, companies, or customer service in just a few simple clicks which can have devastatingly good or bad effects on business. 

All of these changes to the way we live, work and shop have come about because of a major shift in the digital landscape. The world has transformed and those who didn’t move with the times have found themselves on the wrong side of the door, locked out without a key.

Survival of the digitally fittest

In order to survive this ever changing landscape, companies need to embark on a digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is a combination of investing in digital technologies, such as social media, mobile, and data analytics, and making sure your team knows how to use that technology to make the most of your business. However it is more than simply keeping track of the newest social media platforms or digital inventions. To be truly successful, a forward thinking strategy is necessary to react seamlessly to changes and to move with developments rather than simply following them.

It is also key for businesses to understand that this isn’t just something extra to do; a bolt on; a ‘would like to have’. It is something that needs a dedicated approach, with clear objectives, strategy and leadership in order to make changes in the way that businesses serve the ever evolving customer.

But if you think that none of this applies to you, or that your business isn’t really for people who shop on phones or tablets, then proceed with caution.


HMV, Blockbuster, Kodak, Tower Records, as well as countless newspapers and magazines have all gone under because they thought that they were immune, that their customers would remain loyal or disengaged with digital technology. But it’s not just entertainment and media who are affected. If you are a dentist for example, who has a website that isn’t designed well or maintained then those customers who find your business through a search engine may see your poorly executed site and wonder if that is a reflection on the standard of customer service you provide, and then go with a competitor who has a better website. 

Evolution not revolution

So the answer is simple and ties back to Darwin once again – Adapt to survive. In order to thrive, you need digital transformation on your side.  We’ll be writing a whole series on this subject over the next few months, so keep one eye on our blog for the latest updates. 

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