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It's Friday afternoon. It's National Fish and Chip Day. What better time to write about Google's first Food Trends report

Food, health and wellness brands especially will find Google's report incredibly helpful when targeting keywords to your audiences, and consumers will be intrigued too about what foodie things their peers are searching for.

So, what are their top takeaways? (every pun intended)

Health and Wellness

We all try to do our bit to eat a bit more healthily. Millennials (those born after the year 2000) especially are much more aware and interested in staying and eating healthily. 

There are growing number of Google searches for the 'best food for' Acid Reflux (up 921% comparing 2015 queries to 2011) and energy (up 131% in the same period).

Functional Foods


Top trending 'functional' healthy ingredients seeing big rises in search queries over the past two years include:

  • Turmeric - Seeing a breakout rise, with searches up 300% over the last 5 years 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Avocado Oil (we're still very much living in the avocado revolution) 
  • Bitter Lemon 
  • Kifir 

'What shall we have tonight' queries

When we're planning meals, writing shopping lists, or looking for recipe inspiration we often resort to Google first. These search queries reach a peak on Monday's. Especially when people are looking to have a healthy start to their week. The lowest point for these searches is Friday.

An important point to note for health-food brands looking for the peak times to target their Google Adverts. People don't make friends with salad on Fridays. 

People also often search for ways to add or consume specific ingredients to their cooking rather than specific recipes. For example 'smoothies with kale'. 

'Healthifying' products

Brands can get on this health food revolution by re-positioning their offering by highlighting on their packaging and in their advertising which 'super foods' are included within their offering. 

This is particularly relevant if the product offers an allergen free benefit - Gluten Free remains to be very much on trend. 

Consume more 

For more food facts, you can download the full report from the Think With Google website. Don't worry, it's mostly graphs rather than pictures of cake.

After all that I'm starving. I'm off to the chip shop. Diet starts Monday... cheers for the heads up, Google. Have a great food-filled weekend. 

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