10 Killer Email Marketing Optimisations You’ve Got To Get Right

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Constructing your email can be one of the most difficult parts of email marketing. Start by deciding on what you want your audience to know. Are you announcing a promotion, giving advice or pitching a sale?

Potentially the most important purpose of your email, other than sales, is to take users out of their email, and onto your website. To do this effectively, your email design is critical. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a straight-forward graphic showcasing the components that make up a killer email campaign!

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#1: The Preheader

What is preheader text? Preheader text is that short summary text you’ll see when your email is viewed in the inbox. Most email clients now-a-days have this feature to give you a better idea about what the email is about, before you open it. Here is an example:

image3.png (1)

Preheader text is important.

Imagine having your website listed in the Google search results – with no description. It’d look odd right?



Even worse, imagine your site listed in the Google search results… with the wrong description. That’d be appalling!



Yet time and time again, I get emails through with preheaders like below:



The preheader, minus your subject line, is the first text your readers will see! This needs to be an enticing, short call to action so your viewers will want to open your email.

I can assure you, “IF YOUR EMAIL CLIENT CANNOT READ THIS EMAIL CLICK HERE” is certainly not alluring. I would without a doubt open this email because it’s a 20% discount at Meow Meow Merchandise. But we can’t all have such exciting niches and fantastic offers, so the preheader offers an extra few characters to seduce your customers.


#2: The Call-To-Action.

The call to action is the ultimate goal of your email campaign – what you want the user to do. Whether it’s a sale, an offer, or a download on your website, you want to get your customers off their emails and onto your website as quick as possible!


#3/4: Text copy & language

If your call to action does not clearly communicate your message and state what should be done, your email campaign will be little more than a virtual art exhibit. We commonly see words such as Get, Order, Buy, Shop, Purchase, and Find in call to actions. These words are active and inspire action.

Call to action science could fill a whole book, but our three super brief top tips are:

  • Incorporate an element of curiosity
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Avoid being generic.


#5: Personalisation

Did you know: 75% of consumers like it when brands personalize messaging and offers? Furthermore, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.

Clearly, the most basic personalisation starts with using a name in the email copy. However, why stop there? Many marketing campaign software packages allow you to use your sales data to personalise your emails further, by presenting tailored suggestions, advice and products.


Just always remember the balance between helpful and creepy…



#6 Text to image ratio

Text-to-image ratios can be a difficult area to perfect. You want to ensure the text contains all of the information your readers need. However, images are just as important – a well-chosen image will draw your reader’s attention to key parts of your email campaign. Too few and you’ll lose your audience’s interest. Too many and your message might become obscured.


#7 Smaller call-to-actions

An email is a static and rigid piece of digital content. That’s why the aim of any email campaign should be to get people to your website, where you can deliver a much better experience and ultimately convert them to customers. Keep your email content short, catchy and sweet, and offer the opportunity to see more on your website.


#8 Contact

Your email should provide recipients with quick and easy contact information. Often this can be done in the email footer, but a side box like in this example would work perfectly well too.


#9 A news feature

Perfect for showcasing your company’s culture, providing a light-hearted, humorous message, or highlighting an important article you think your readers would value. Innocent Smoothies really nail this with their regular ‘inside fruit towers’ feature. Take a look at this one from their latest email newsletter for inspiration:



#10 Avoid Jail

Unless you fancy a trip to jail, we always suggest you include an unsubscribe link in your email campaign. Ofcom states all marketing emails must “provide a valid address where you can opt out of receiving further emails.”


Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool. But if you’re running email marketing in isolation, you’re missing a trick. An email campaign should be used to supplement and support a wider content marketing strategy to maximise your online marketing efforts.

Fancy picking our brains on email marketing or want us to kick-start a successful, results driven digital marketing campaign for your business? Contact us today!


Infographic vector designed by Freepik

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